About me

Hi, my name is Christian Kragh.

I´m a lighting and rendering artist, currently working as lead at Ghost VFX in Copenhagen Denmark.

My main focus is lighting, rendering and shading, but I also do a bit of texture work now and then.
Not to mention some hardsurface modeling, slapcomping and what not.

I started studying CG after having spent nearly 7 years in the army both as recon and a medic.
My inspiration back then was Kung Fu Panda, Shrek, and game cinematics like Legacy of Kain, Diablo and Baldurs Gate.

When I started out I actually wanted to become a modeler or an animator, but that didn´t turn out very well. Then I stumbled across some archviz images and environment designs, and for some reason I got this crazy obsession with light and how surfaces react to light.
I bought "Digital Lighting & Rendering" from Jeremy Birn, and started to do my own versions of the lighting challenges over at CGtalk, while eating through tutorials whenever I could find any.

The rest is history :)

If you want to get in touch with me you are more than welcome to send me a mail.