I added a PDF breakdown to my reel.

Unfortunately because of NDA and a lot of other boring stuff, I cannot show before/after shots.
The breakdown is just a description of what I worked on on the projects.


My 2014 plans

So I finally uploaded my reel and the feeling is amazing.
Having a portfolio with no portfolio for such a long time, felt really bad.

I am very excited to see what will happen in 2014. Not just for me, but for the entire industry.
It seems that with all the outsourcing, subsidies and what not, a lot of companies are struggling to keep their head above the water.

I am available for work early 2014. I am looking for both freelance and full time.
So far I have no real preferences as long as the tasks are exiting.

I have actually been thinking about moving in to the gaming industry. It´s something I´ve always wanted to try, although I have no idea whether or not I would fit in.

I guess like with everything else, if you know the basics, the rest can be taught.
Hello and welcome to my portfolio and blog. I hope the new design isn´t too dark and gloomy.


My reel is out.
Click the link to view it.